Pinstripes + Ruffles

Usually im not a very trendy gal. Meaning that I don’t usually go all out with the season trends. I tend to stick to my black and white color palette in very modern and sleek cuts. BUT, something changed in me when I saw this pinstripe light blue top from Zara next to the beautiful red ruffled skirt I’m wearing.  Continue reading “Pinstripes + Ruffles”


High low white top + Black Basics

Panama’s weather has been going all kinds of crazy lately. From almost tropical storm weather to summer heat, you just don’t know what to expect when you wake up every morning. The last couple of days have been so hot, there was no possible way I could leave my house wearing jeans or pants and I didn’t feel like wearing a dress!! Continue reading “High low white top + Black Basics”

#FOMTravelDiary: New York Haul

One of my first uploads to my Youtube channel! I hope you enjoy :).

If you don’t speak Spanish, I have listed below all the products I bought and linked them to where you can buy/get them. Continue reading “#FOMTravelDiary: New York Haul”

Little Black Dress Goes Sporty Chic

Some days, we just want to be comfortable. But comfortable doesn’t mean looking like a hot mess. Continue reading “Little Black Dress Goes Sporty Chic”

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine’s Day

Usually I am not one to go for an all pastel look, but Valentine’s day kind of brings out the cutie in me. When I first saw this dress back in November, I knew I had to have it. I didn’t have in mind any specific look for it, I just knew it would be a good buy. Continue reading “Outfit Inspiration: Valentine’s Day”

Dressing a Miss Universe Contestant

Dressing a Miss Universe contestant is no joke you guys. There is a lot that goes into that package. There is a lot of people to please, starting with the Miss and the organisation directors, but most importantly the audience. The audience is a big part of the job.  Continue reading “Dressing a Miss Universe Contestant”

Green Midi Dress + Red Handbag

One of my new year resolutions for 2017 is to dress with more color. Last year, i had this all black, all neutral mindset which I want to change. My closet felt in a rut which I needed to fix. So when I saw this dress in Via Vai (Panamanian store) it just made sense. I felt very Dolce & Gabbana as soon as I tried it on.

Continue reading “Green Midi Dress + Red Handbag”

Little Black Dress + Knee-High Boots

Who said a little black dress couldn’t be used during day time? I would say to them they had no idea what they where talking about.  Continue reading “Little Black Dress + Knee-High Boots”

Dresses for Fall Time

Dresses are one of the greatest transitional pieces you can have in your closet! Since I can remember, I have worn dresses over black tights whenever I travel in fall or winter time. A couple months ago I had this idea to pair jeans with dresses. But not any kind of dress, a dress with a slit. I love to give a modern twist to everything I wear. So wearing ripped jeans under a gown just seemed like the way to go. Continue reading “Dresses for Fall Time”

Event: Max Factor “Velvet Collection” Launch

Last week one of the cutest invitations I have ever received arrived to my house: a little makeup box from Max Factor! The invitation said to take the box to the event to feel it up with makeup. Just reading the note excited me. Continue reading “Event: Max Factor “Velvet Collection” Launch”