5 Tips to Make Affordable Clothing Look Expensive

Just like most people, I love designer items! But my budget doesn’t allow me to go all out and wear a head to toe designer look every time I dress up. That is exactly why I am such a big fan of mixing high and low end fashion.  Continue reading “5 Tips to Make Affordable Clothing Look Expensive”


High low white top + Black Basics

Panama’s weather has been going all kinds of crazy lately. From almost tropical storm weather to summer heat, you just don’t know what to expect when you wake up every morning. The last couple of days have been so hot, there was no possible way I could leave my house wearing jeans or pants and I didn’t feel like wearing a dress!! Continue reading “High low white top + Black Basics”

Closet Staple: Silk Button-Down Shirt

Just like a white V-neck, red lipstick, nude heels and a little black dress, a silk button-down shirt is a staple that every woman needs in her closet. They are wearable, versatile and flattering. What more do you need to know about them? Hehe, just kidding. Continue reading “Closet Staple: Silk Button-Down Shirt”

White V-Neck Shirt + Jeans

I love pleats. They are so romantic and give elegance to any outfit. For this outfit, I wanted to look casual and at the same time a little dressed up, that is why I decided to go with my favourite combo: v-neck and jeans. Continue reading “White V-Neck Shirt + Jeans”

Little Black Dress + Knee-High Boots

Who said a little black dress couldn’t be used during day time? I would say to them they had no idea what they where talking about.  Continue reading “Little Black Dress + Knee-High Boots”

Dresses for Fall Time

Dresses are one of the greatest transitional pieces you can have in your closet! Since I can remember, I have worn dresses over black tights whenever I travel in fall or winter time. A couple months ago I had this idea to pair jeans with dresses. But not any kind of dress, a dress with a slit. I love to give a modern twist to everything I wear. So wearing ripped jeans under a gown just seemed like the way to go. Continue reading “Dresses for Fall Time”

What is in my Travel Makeup Bag?

It took me years of travelling to not only minimise what I brought with me while traveling, but to get down the perfect, 5 minute makeup routine with the right products. I have finally got them down and I couldn’t wait to share with you these gems. Continue reading “What is in my Travel Makeup Bag?”

Event: Max Factor “Velvet Collection” Launch

Last week one of the cutest invitations I have ever received arrived to my house: a little makeup box from Max Factor! The invitation said to take the box to the event to feel it up with makeup. Just reading the note excited me. Continue reading “Event: Max Factor “Velvet Collection” Launch”

Jeans + Blazer | A quick tip on mixing prints.

Jeans and a blazer are my go to casual, business look. Whenever I have to look proper, yet casual, I wear this no-fail combo. Continue reading “Jeans + Blazer | A quick tip on mixing prints.”