Lace Dress

I am not usually one to go for such a romantic outfit. But its summer after all, and to me that means going for a more romantic style than my usual minimalistic, all neutral clothes. I styled this dress with neutral pieces to make it the focus point of my outfit! Such a pretty dress should’t be fighting for the spotlight with accessories. Remember: sometimes less is more. Continue reading “Lace Dress”


Red Dress + Statement Necklace

A red dress is something I treasure deeply. Since forever, I’ve always felt red was MY color, hehe. But in all honesty, I love how red looks on me, and how it makes my green eyes pop. Like everything just clicks.

This specific dress, is something I would wear to a cocktail party, since its fun and glamorous yet flirty, because of the cut-outs and low “kind of” scoop neck.  I actually loved its low neck line because I was able to add this gorgeous necklace.

If you’ve been here for a while, you know I usually go very minimal on the jewellery, but this necklace is something else. I try to add it to everything and anything simple enough that it can take the main stage.

What I wore:  Dress: Bazar Madrid | Necklace: Mirina Collections | Pumps: B Brian Atwood


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