Stripped Shorts + Blue Heels

 Wearing shorts has never really been my thing. I always feel like my legs look huge, which makes me feel subconscious about wearing them. But lately, I’ve found that wearing high waisted shorts elongates my legs, which makes them look slimmer. I have kind of become of a fan now. Continue reading “Stripped Shorts + Blue Heels”


Red Dress + Statement Necklace

A red dress is something I treasure deeply. Since forever, I’ve always felt red was MY color, hehe. But in all honesty, I love how red looks on me, and how it makes my green eyes pop. Like everything just clicks.

This specific dress, is something I would wear to a cocktail party, since its fun and glamorous yet flirty, because of the cut-outs and low “kind of” scoop neck.  I actually loved its low neck line because I was able to add this gorgeous necklace.

If you’ve been here for a while, you know I usually go very minimal on the jewellery, but this necklace is something else. I try to add it to everything and anything simple enough that it can take the main stage.

What I wore:  Dress: Bazar Madrid | Necklace: Mirina Collections | Pumps: B Brian Atwood


Continue reading “Red Dress + Statement Necklace”