A Week in My Life: Birthdays, Photo shoots… Life of a Stylist

This was a crazy week! Between my mom’s birthday, photo shoot for my blog (expect to see a lot of new looks, I’ve been working very hard on that), fashion products and a lot of work from home I’ve been living life 200 miles per hour. But I always feel blessed to be able to do what I love, which is fashion! The more work, the merrier!

By the way, I took you along with me to my favourite restaurant in Panama: Miss Cho, and I show you my favourite plates.

Last week’s vlog

Follow Me Around Vlog: BTS + Daily Routine + Liquid Nitrogen Cookies

Hey guys, and welcome to my second Vlog!

As promised, every Monday will be Vlog day. I hope you enjoy them, and I am open to any suggestions! Continue reading “Follow Me Around Vlog: BTS + Daily Routine + Liquid Nitrogen Cookies”

A Day in My Life Blog: Miss World Panama + Get Ready With Me

Hi guys, and welcome to my first live Vlog!

After a lot of thinking and courage, I’ve decided to start vlogging my day to day life (in spanish). Continue reading “A Day in My Life Blog: Miss World Panama + Get Ready With Me”

#FOMTravelDiary: New York Haul

One of my first uploads to my Youtube channel! I hope you enjoy :).

If you don’t speak Spanish, I have listed below all the products I bought and linked them to where you can buy/get them. Continue reading “#FOMTravelDiary: New York Haul”

#MindOverMatter: Living with Uncertainty

Uncertainty, doubt, unpredictability, inconclusiveness… Are all a big part of anxiety. But what do you do when they make up big part of your life?

My mom is a cancer survivor. She got diagnosed with breast cancer almost four years ago, and two years later that cancer metastasised to her brain. She almost died. The edema in her brain due to the tumor was so large, it almost resulted in a fatal finale.

My family did the imposible to keep her alive. We even flew her in an ambulance plane to Baltimore so that Dr. Quiñones, world renowned brain surgeon could treat her.

The only certain thing I know is that time flies… Two years ago I never thought my mom would be alive and leading a normal life.

Unfortunately, cancer has its horrifying way of surprising you whenever you think everything is okay. A few months ago, in a routine check up in Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Hospital, an abnormal spot showed up in my mothers brain. We knew it could happen, but we never thought the day would come so soon.

In December, she got a routine check up again, where the spot didn’t grow. We were so happy! We thought it was over. But in February, during a MRI in Baltimore the spot grew again.

After two months of waiting, tomorrow we are going to find out what that spot is. If she’s going to need surgery or if it was just a scare. Dealing with cancer can be so unnerving and unpredictable.

So what do you do when uncertainty makes up such a big part of your life? You learn to live day by day. You take each day at a time, worrying about the now and not about the future.

You learn to live each day to the fullest. Make each moment worth it. You start to realize that life is a precious gift and that everything happens for a reason.

It’s funny how life works sometimes. I’ve always been an anxious person, the type who worries about every single thing and that needs to have everything under control. Unfortunately, cancer doesn’t work that way. It changes your life in a matter of seconds and can become a waiting room for disaster.

My best advice is to learn to embrace uncertainty. You are never going to know what the future holds for you even if you are completely healthy, but you can always make the best of your present.

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Being a Woman

Being a woman is beautiful yet difficult. As little girls, we have to learn early on to stand our ground and how to communicate our opinion with a stronger conviction than men. We are sometimes overlooked because of our gender or not taken seriously.  Continue reading “Being a Woman”

#MindOverMatter: How to Deal with a Panic Attack

I don’t think most people understand what it means to have a panic attack, much less how to cope with one. The first time I had a panic attack, I thought I was dying. Never did it cross my mind that anxiety could have such harsh repercussions. Continue reading “#MindOverMatter: How to Deal with a Panic Attack”

Event: Max Factor “Velvet Collection” Launch

Last week one of the cutest invitations I have ever received arrived to my house: a little makeup box from Max Factor! The invitation said to take the box to the event to feel it up with makeup. Just reading the note excited me. Continue reading “Event: Max Factor “Velvet Collection” Launch”

Jeans + Blazer | A quick tip on mixing prints.

Jeans and a blazer are my go to casual, business look. Whenever I have to look proper, yet casual, I wear this no-fail combo. Continue reading “Jeans + Blazer | A quick tip on mixing prints.”

Fashion Week: Sequin Shorts

Shorts aren’t usually my typical attire. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was never one to go for them, nevertheless sequin shorts. Sequins call more attention to the body part where you are wearing them. Thus, having an hourglass figure, I always retracted from wearing them.  Continue reading “Fashion Week: Sequin Shorts”