Green Midi Dress + Red Handbag

One of my new year resolutions for 2017 is to dress with more color. Last year, i had this all black, all neutral mindset which I want to change. My closet felt in a rut which I needed to fix. So when I saw this dress in Via Vai (Panamanian store) it just made sense. I felt very Dolce & Gabbana as soon as I tried it on.

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Event: Max Factor “Velvet Collection” Launch

Last week one of the cutest invitations I have ever received arrived to my house: a little makeup box from Max Factor! The invitation said to take the box to the event to feel it up with makeup. Just reading the note excited me. Continue reading “Event: Max Factor “Velvet Collection” Launch”

Fashion Week: Fabrizio Célleri

One of my favourite runways this year was by Fabrizio Célleri, with his collection “To the Moon and Back”. I loved his use of metals and colors. I felt it was a very modern, reminiscent of space, and not outdated at all. His use of paillet leggings was jus magnifique, and his accessories just on point. Bravo to the stylist!  Continue reading “Fashion Week: Fabrizio Célleri”

Event: Toms

Its been a while since i wrote about an event, but there is no better one to write about than an event by TOMS! I’ve always been a fan of alpargatas/espadrilles, but what really caught my attention about the TOMS brand is their message: “One for One”. For every pair of shoes you buy, a pair of shoes is donated to a kid in need. Continue reading “Event: Toms”