Floral Romper + Micro Bag

Summer time always calls for rompers. At least that is where my mind goes when I think of summer. I love to be comfortable, yet chic, and be able to move around comfortably. A dress doesn’t always do that for me! I work as a fashion stylist, so most of the time during work hours I have to be running from one place to another, bending down and with a romper I can do everything I need to do. On another note, you have no idea how amazing my wedges are! They go with everything and anything, while being the most comfortable shoes out there. I love when I don’t have to compromise my style to be comfortable.  Continue reading “Floral Romper + Micro Bag”


Romantic Florals Romper

Usually I am all for very minimalistic, black & white clothing. But as off lately, romantic florals have been calling my attention. Yes, you just read that. I’ve been dying over very romantic, floral prints. But don’t get too excited yet, hehe. I’ve been loving romantic florals in dark tones. I guess some things never change.  Continue reading “Romantic Florals Romper”

How to Wear Sequins During the Day

Lately I’ve been addicted to wearing sequin pieces during the daytime. I used to hate it, but I guess my style has changed a lot in the past couple years. Continue reading “How to Wear Sequins During the Day”

The Not Traditional Way to Define your Waist

Lately I’ve been addicted to tying shirts around my waist, I find they are the perfect, not traditional way to define your waist! They help create a slimmer body figure, since they enhance your waist line, and can give an outfit a modern yet urban twist. Continue reading “The Not Traditional Way to Define your Waist”

Black Outfit + Red Handbag

I love black clothes. I can honestly find nothing wrong with them. As Christian Dior once said: “You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” Continue reading “Black Outfit + Red Handbag”

Wearing Sequins During Daytime.

Wearing sequins in daytime is an art that can be easily mastered. I like to pair my sequin pieces, with very casual, even sporty looking ones. For this look, I paired my sequins top with a white skirt, jean shirt, nude flats and a backpack! It was the perfect daytime outfit to walk around Baltimore and D.C.. Continue reading “Wearing Sequins During Daytime.”

Black Bucket Bag + Light Blue Boots

Nothing beats feeling comfortable and looking chic. And that is exactly how I felt with this outfit. I wore it to work (8+ of fashion production for a magazine), and I looked the part of a stylist while being able to run around and do my work. Continue reading “Black Bucket Bag + Light Blue Boots”

Floral Dress + Micro Bag + Denim Heels

Florals have never been a favourite print of mine. I usually gravitate toward darker colors, and florals are almost always a synonym of pastel colors and spring. But this Forever 21 dress really did catch my eye with its dark colors, and almost realistic floral print. Continue reading “Floral Dress + Micro Bag + Denim Heels”

Monochromatic Look: T-Shirt + Jeans + Jeffrey Campbell Heels

Lately, I’ve been crazy for t-shirts. The thing is, they aren’t the most flattering clothing piece you can wear. Often times they can make us look bulky, or bigger than we truly are. Continue reading “Monochromatic Look: T-Shirt + Jeans + Jeffrey Campbell Heels”

Long Cardigan + Black Skinny Jeans + Light Blue Booties

Black, white and grey is my signature color palette, with a little color pop every once in a while (check out my light blue booties). That being said, I have to admit I am a basics lover (you know I love my denim): jeans, a t-shirt and a carding almost always do it for me. Continue reading “Long Cardigan + Black Skinny Jeans + Light Blue Booties”