Follow Me Around Vlog: BTS + Daily Routine + Liquid Nitrogen Cookies

Hey guys, and welcome to my second Vlog!

As promised, every Monday will be Vlog day. I hope you enjoy them, and I am open to any suggestions! Continue reading “Follow Me Around Vlog: BTS + Daily Routine + Liquid Nitrogen Cookies”

#FOMTravelDiary: New York Haul

One of my first uploads to my Youtube channel! I hope you enjoy :).

If you don’t speak Spanish, I have listed below all the products I bought and linked them to where you can buy/get them. Continue reading “#FOMTravelDiary: New York Haul”

A Trench Coat | Work Outfit Inspiration

The trench coat is a trend I’ve kind of been on the fence about this spring, since I live in Panamá which is a tropical country, with lots and lots of heat, and I never thought it would work. But the more I studied this trend, the more I knew it was totally wearable here in Panama. The trench is back (did it really ever leave though?), and is here to stay.  Continue reading “A Trench Coat | Work Outfit Inspiration”

Stripes for Spring

Flowers for spring is kind of a given. Year after year Spring/Summer runway collections are filled with flowers or leave patterns, which is why stripes are such a refreshing take for spring. Continue reading “Stripes for Spring”

Being a Woman

Being a woman is beautiful yet difficult. As little girls, we have to learn early on to stand our ground and how to communicate our opinion with a stronger conviction than men. We are sometimes overlooked because of our gender or not taken seriously.  Continue reading “Being a Woman”

A Lace Dress

As a woman, I know how frustrating it can be to try and keep up with the latest trends. As a fashion stylist, it is my job. Nonetheless, I am still a woman, and when I get myself dressed every day, I like to rely in the comfort of my closet basics and staples. Continue reading “A Lace Dress”

Beauty Talk: My Make-Up for Events

I am not one to go out of my confort zone with my makeup, not even for events. I like natural makeup best for any occasion. I am big on letting your best features shine, and just using beauty products to enhance what you have. Having said that, I do look for my makeup to stay matte for the duration of the event (I do use highlighter, but in very small quantities). Continue reading “Beauty Talk: My Make-Up for Events”

#MindOverMatter: How to Deal with a Panic Attack

I don’t think most people understand what it means to have a panic attack, much less how to cope with one. The first time I had a panic attack, I thought I was dying. Never did it cross my mind that anxiety could have such harsh repercussions. Continue reading “#MindOverMatter: How to Deal with a Panic Attack”

Dressing a Miss Universe Contestant

Dressing a Miss Universe contestant is no joke you guys. There is a lot that goes into that package. There is a lot of people to please, starting with the Miss and the organisation directors, but most importantly the audience. The audience is a big part of the job.  Continue reading “Dressing a Miss Universe Contestant”

Green Midi Dress + Red Handbag

One of my new year resolutions for 2017 is to dress with more color. Last year, i had this all black, all neutral mindset which I want to change. My closet felt in a rut which I needed to fix. So when I saw this dress in Via Vai (Panamanian store) it just made sense. I felt very Dolce & Gabbana as soon as I tried it on.

Continue reading “Green Midi Dress + Red Handbag”