Flared Jeans are the New Black

I feel like jeans are a staple piece for every season. I’ve always been such a jean fanatic, I sometimes have to force myself to use something other than denim. That being said, for the past few years I’ve neglected every type of jean that was not a skinny cut. Read More

Hair Care Routine

Hair is really important to me. The reality is that I wasn’t born with beautiful luscious hair. As a little girl, I used to have a frizzy unmanageable mane, which has made me be aware of hair care from an early age. Read More


I might not be American, but ever since I can remember my family has always been influenced by american culture (I also studied in an american school here in Panama). Most of my summers growing up where spent in Houston, where my grandma’s BFF lives, and we would always enjoy a good american style BBQ by the pool — amazing memories.  Read More

Boho Embroidered Blouse + Marble Skirt

Whenever I wear prints, I like to go all out. I am the typical all or nothing kind of girl. Either I go all black, or create a fun combination that is totally not expected of me (I am the typical fashion industry gal always dressed in black head to toe). For this outfits, which I wore to a fashion event a couple months ago, I decided to mix an embroidered boho blouse with an old, but loved marble print skirt. Both pieces are from Zara. Even though the styles are completely different from one another, I feel like they complement each other. The skirt is very modern and sleek, which makes the boho blouse look less summer and more night time appropriate. I love that this outfit is a statement piece on its own, it has personality and speaks for itself which is something I look for when buying clothes.

#StylistTip: I decided to wear a pump with a pointed toe because they make your legs look slimmer, as opposed to a pump with a rounded toe.


What I wore: Blouse: Zara (similar here and here) | Skirt: Zara (similar here and here)|Earrings: MNG (similar) | Pumps: Saint Laurent

Styling a Pair of Culottes

Whether you call these pants culottes, gauchos or even cropped palazzos, these loose cropped trousers have undoubtedly crossed your sight!

When I first saw them I was very on the fence about them. Not because they are a little tricky to style, but because I thought they weren’t flattering at all. Read More

Fashion Styling: Physicool Campaign

I don’t usually share my styling work here because it usually only goes up on my style portfolio (check it out here), because I’ve always tried to keep this blog strictly related to my style, my opinion on current trends, and that sort of thing. But after much thought, I have come to the realization that I want you guys to get to know me better, and there is no better way to do that than to show you my work because it reflects who I am.  Read More

My Everyday Lipstick Shades

I feel like lipstick is such an essential part of makeup, it truly does give your face a boost. The right color can give you the healthiest glow and compliment your best features.

Even though there are a gazillion shades and formulas of lipstick to choose from out there, I tend to stick with the same tonalities and brands. I’m very loyal to what I like, not only for lipsticks but to every aspect in my life, hehe. I will usually go for a liquid lipstick, or a matte lipstick that has little to no sheen.

I tend to gravitate towards nude tones, and every now and then i’ll spice up my look with a warm pink. I hate wearing very vibrant colors because I feel they don’t go with my style and skin color. I’m the typical pale girl everyone used to made fun of in school because she looked like Casper. So, a nude lip with warm pink under tones does it for me.

Here are my faves:

Smashbox – Always on Liquid Lipstick in Driver’s Seat

Smashbox – Always on Liquid Lipstick in Stepping Out

MAC – Matte Lipstick in Honeylove

L’Oreal – Colour Riche Lipcolour in 800 Fairest Nude

How to give a Little Black Dress a Twist

My love for little black dresses runs very deep. I am kind of ashamed to accept that I have over ten in my closet right now. But, as I said in an older post, a LBD is an iconic piece that we should all own. (Yes, that is kind of my excuse for owning so many black dresses.) Read More