#FashionHaul: Intima Secret Panama

Hi my loves, welcome back! I know its been a while since I posted, life has definitely been crazy. But not complaining at all! I love my job, and I feel more than blessed to be able to work in what I love.

Hola mis amores, ¡bienvenidos de nuevo! Sé que ha pasado un tiempo desde que publiqué, la vida definitivamente ha sido una locura. ¡Pero no me queja en absoluto! Amo mi trabajo, y me siento más que bendecida de poder trabajar en lo que amo.

Last week, I had went out to the Intima Secret store in Altaplaza Mall and I was fascinated by it! I loved the quality, prices and designs. Here is a #FashionHaul of what I got! I couldn’t wait to show you guys.

La semana pasada, fui a la tienda Intima Secret en Altaplaza Mall y ¡me quedé fascinado! Me encantó la calidad, los precios y los diseños. ¡Aquí hay un #FashionHaul de lo que obtuve! No podía esperar para mostrarles.

My Favorite Looks: SAG AWARDS 2018

I know, I know… it’s been a while since I posted. But I’m back, and here to stay! I went through a very busy end of the 2017 year. But I can’t complain, I love my job as a fashion stylist and I’ve found a passion in selling homes with the BRIANNA GROUP!  Continue reading “My Favorite Looks: SAG AWARDS 2018”

Fashion Styling: Physicool Campaign

I don’t usually share my styling work here because it usually only goes up on my style portfolio (check it out here), because I’ve always tried to keep this blog strictly related to my style, my opinion on current trends, and that sort of thing. But after much thought, I have come to the realization that I want you guys to get to know me better, and there is no better way to do that than to show you my work because it reflects who I am.  Continue reading “Fashion Styling: Physicool Campaign”

Tory Burch Summer Collection

“Inspired by the Bohemian spirit and the Malibu Sunsets, Tory Burch brings the Summer collection, which combines bright colors with Batik Floral print, capturing the warm optimism of the West coast of the United States of the 70s.  Continue reading “Tory Burch Summer Collection”

#FOMTravelDiary: New York Summary + Where to Eat in NYC

Two of the things I love the most are my friends and New York City, put them together and they add up to the perfect 5 day mini vacations EVER! To be completely honest, I’m still dreaming about it, that is why I have decided to share with you some of my favorite moments and things from New York that I actually photographed.  Continue reading “#FOMTravelDiary: New York Summary + Where to Eat in NYC”

#FOMTravelDiary: New York Haul

One of my first uploads to my Youtube channel! I hope you enjoy :).

If you don’t speak Spanish, I have listed below all the products I bought and linked them to where you can buy/get them. Continue reading “#FOMTravelDiary: New York Haul”

Last Minute Valentine Gift Idea For Men

Socks are without a doubt a daily necessity in the life of a man. That is why crazy socks can be the best last minute Valentine gift you can give your significant other or date. Continue reading “Last Minute Valentine Gift Idea For Men”

Dressing a Miss Universe Contestant

Dressing a Miss Universe contestant is no joke you guys. There is a lot that goes into that package. There is a lot of people to please, starting with the Miss and the organisation directors, but most importantly the audience. The audience is a big part of the job.  Continue reading “Dressing a Miss Universe Contestant”

#FOMTravelDiary: American Visionary Art Museum

One of the coolest places I have visited in Baltimore has to be the American Visionary Art Museum or AVAM. It offers “raw art” or outsider art. I know the term is very unorthodox, but that is the whole point of the AVAM. It seeks to showcase art outside the boundaries of what is acceptable. Continue reading “#FOMTravelDiary: American Visionary Art Museum”