Being a Woman

Being a woman is beautiful yet difficult. As little girls, we have to learn early on to stand our ground and how to communicate our opinion with a stronger conviction than men. We are sometimes overlooked because of our gender or not taken seriously.  Continue reading “Being a Woman”


The Not Traditional Way to Define your Waist

Lately I’ve been addicted to tying shirts around my waist, I find they are the perfect, not traditional way to define your waist! They help create a slimmer body figure, since they enhance your waist line, and can give an outfit a modern yet urban twist. Continue reading “The Not Traditional Way to Define your Waist”

Black Outfit + Red Handbag

I love black clothes. I can honestly find nothing wrong with them. As Christian Dior once said: “You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” Continue reading “Black Outfit + Red Handbag”

What Style is to Me

Style isn’t only what you wear. Style is a lifestyle. Whatever you are, whatever you achieve to be. What you read, eat, buy, how you cut you hair, the angle in which you choose to take a picture, even the filter you decide to put on a picture… Continue reading “What Style is to Me”

Wearing Sequins During Daytime.

Wearing sequins in daytime is an art that can be easily mastered. I like to pair my sequin pieces, with very casual, even sporty looking ones. For this look, I paired my sequins top with a white skirt, jean shirt, nude flats and a backpack! It was the perfect daytime outfit to walk around Baltimore and D.C.. Continue reading “Wearing Sequins During Daytime.”

Black Bucket Bag + Light Blue Boots

Nothing beats feeling comfortable and looking chic. And that is exactly how I felt with this outfit. I wore it to work (8+ of fashion production for a magazine), and I looked the part of a stylist while being able to run around and do my work. Continue reading “Black Bucket Bag + Light Blue Boots”

Lace Dress

I am not usually one to go for such a romantic outfit. But its summer after all, and to me that means going for a more romantic style than my usual minimalistic, all neutral clothes. I styled this dress with neutral pieces to make it the focus point of my outfit! Such a pretty dress should’t be fighting for the spotlight with accessories. Remember: sometimes less is more. Continue reading “Lace Dress”

Floral Dress + Micro Bag + Denim Heels

Florals have never been a favourite print of mine. I usually gravitate toward darker colors, and florals are almost always a synonym of pastel colors and spring. But this Forever 21 dress really did catch my eye with its dark colors, and almost realistic floral print. Continue reading “Floral Dress + Micro Bag + Denim Heels”