A Week in My Life: Tratamiento Hidratante para Frizz + Señorita Panamá + Wedding

What a fun week, filled with fun and diverse challenges! 

I finally got a hair treatment to help control my frizz, which really, was VERY out of control! I learned a lot with Gaby, my hairdresser, and I will soon be bringing you some mini capsules from some tips she gave me.

By the way, if you’re interested in my haircare routine, here is the link.

And… Although I show very little of what happened in Señorita Panamá, I must confess that my ally Cristian Bustamante and I dressed Keity Drennan, Señorita Panamá 2016 who delivered the crown to the new winner. Here are some pictures of the looks we created!

This look, Keity wore to walk the red carpet.  The dress is by Franz Serrano and the earrings by Versace. 
Keity wore this lovely white Versace dress and belt to be presented on stage.
Keity crowned the new Señorita Panamá in this one of a kind Alfredo Barraza dress. 

I was covering the backstage of the event, so I could not record much. If you go to Revista Mujer on Instagram you can find some of the interviews I did.

Finally, on Saturday I went to a wedding with my best friends and we had an amazing time.

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