A Day in My Life Blog: Miss World Panama + Get Ready With Me

Hi guys, and welcome to my first live Vlog!

After a lot of thinking and courage, I’ve decided to start vlogging my day to day life (in spanish). Do you think I should do it in english too? I guess my Vlog is very splanglish hehe. But please do let me know your thoughts.

This first Vlog is going to be a bit different from the others, since I had so much footage that I decided to make a single video with what I did that day. This Thursday I will be sharing what I did the rest of the week 🙂 And, starting next week, I’ll have a video up every Monday with a recap of my week! I hope you enjoy them.

This vlog focuses on everything I did on July 4th, which in Panama was the day that the beauty contest Miss Panama World was held. I did some shopping, got ready and went to the event where the new Panamanian representative for the Miss World contest was crowned. 


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