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Being a Woman

Being a woman is beautiful yet difficult. As little girls, we have to learn early on to stand our ground and how to communicate our opinion with a stronger conviction than men. We are sometimes overlooked because of our gender or not taken seriously. 

We are seen as dreamers because we deeply wish to find our prince charming and build a life with him, called a tomboy if we are way into sports, a crybaby if something hurts emotionally or physically and tears start.  Very often we are seen as a fragile object, because we are stigmatized as too “feminine”. But why is being too feminine wrong? 

But the hardest part about being a woman is being judged by another one. Instead of coming together, we tear each other apart. Just because. 

Being a woman doesn’t have to be that way, because there are so many things that make being a woman beautiful. Like how we learn to show affection and our feelings early on. Or the graceful way a woman has of working hard and getting her way. 

I love being a woman, and what makes me love being a woman the most is being surrounded by the amazing mom, sister, aunts, cousins and girlfriends I have. From them I learn everyday. And when women empower women, there is nothing more beautiful. 

Always remember to hold your head up high beautiful.


What I wore: Tuxedo Dress: Stone Cold Fox | Shirt: Marshalls | Platforms: Jeffrey Campbell | Sunglasses: Spektre | Clutch: Injoy

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