The Perfect Date Outfit

For the perfect date night outfit, I love a very casual chic look. I love to look put together, but as if it was effortless. Jeans and a chic top, like this fringed one, are great options! Plus, going for darker colors is proven to make you look slimmer, which will give more confidence instantly.

 Play down your makeup, you don’t need to cake on your entire makeup bag on your face. A natural look is the way to go. Bonus: you makeup won’t rub off on your date’s shirt, which is a big no-no.

 The best tip I can give you is to wear something you feel comfortable. Maybe for me that is jeans and a chic top with heels, and for you that can be a dress. but confidence is the most important accessory you can carry on a date!

What I wore: Top and Jeans: Bazar Madrid  | Handbag: Zara | Bracelet and earrings: Lina Echeverry x Paradizia Swimwear | Heels: Michael Kors

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